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All of the following images were taken in New Zealand's "un-poisoned" national parks and state forests. The subjects are photographed in the wild, not in enclosures or sanctuaries. Click on the images to increase the size. All images are for sale.

Contact us for further details.


All images were taken by The Graf Boys. They have many other images of New Zealand wildlife, including the largest collection of photos taken from 1080 poison drop zones, (from all around New Zealand) in the World. Contact us if you require photos for your project.

The TV Wild website was launched in 2012 and given a facelift in 2017. It includes over a decade of The Graf Boys' documentary filming and photography. Their Youtube channel has amazing footage of wild red stags, wild kiwi, and plenty of video footage documenting aerial 1080 poison drops all around New Zealand. Click here to view more about their work.

The on-going and widespread use of 1080 poison across New Zealand's forests and waterways has greatly impacted on the ability of forest users to gather and harvest food for their families. Due to 1080 poison's socially destructive, and wildlife-impacting consequences, it features as a big part of this website.

TV WiLD and The Graf Boys' action has been broadcasting on the following television channels around New Zealand.
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