Aerial 1080 poisoning operations across New Zealand's North Island.
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Cows & endangered birds poisoned in Taranaki aerial 1080 drops - farmer tells all.
Canterbury University toxicologist, Professor Ian Shaw, discusses the toxicity of 1080 poison and also the mysterious misdiagnosed botulism poisoning case.
1000's protest at Parliament over New Zealand's use of 1080 poison

1000's of people from all over New Zealand, lead by the Hikoi of a Poisoned Nation leaders Emile Leaf and Alan Gurden, gathered outside parliament to object to the way the New Zealand government is using 1080 poison.

Opposition to the broad-scale aerial spreading of 1080 poison bait across New Zealand's forests and waterways, is growing exponentially. Click on the video below to view the footage from the protest. 

New Zealand is an adventure playground. Wild kiwi shatter the midnight silence with their screeching calls, deer roam the forests and the mountains, and trophy-sized trout cruise the crystal clear rivers. Truly a wildlife paradise. However, the increasing use of aerially applied 1080 poison across forests and waterways is causing division and polarisation in communities across New Zealand.

This website presents information about New Zealand's use of 1080 poison (Sodium fluoroacetate).  This information is intended to encourage debate, and to have questions directed at the Minister for Conservation the Minister for the Environment, and the Minister for Tourism. Should you require answers to the way in which 1080 poison is aerially applied across New Zealand, please contact the Ministers above by clicking on the links provided. Despite the challenges, more and more New Zealanders are challenging the aerial operations and the poisoning agencies undertaking them.

Editor - Clyde Graf is a researcher, and editor for TV Wild.

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Wouldn't it be great to see New Zealand the way it's portrayed - the way it once was - with poison-free rivers and healthy, poison-free forests. Click here to help out. Contact the Minister for Conservation, the Minister for the Environment, and the Minister for Tourism with any questions you may have about the Government's use of 1080 poison.

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