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There have been many incidents of unintended - accidental 1080 poisoning cases in both New Zealand, and overseas. In one incident in the United States, over 40 people were poisoned and died after eating poisoned scrambled eggs.

But perhaps the most extraordinary point to be shared here is that in all other countries around the world, 1080 poisoning has been reported as a cause of civilian deaths, hundreds of times. In New Zealand, where over 90% of the world's supply is being aerially spread across land and water, there has only ever been one official recorded death. Why is that? The New Zealand Government owns the New Zealand 1080 poison factory - - and that factory is run for a profit. It appears that possible cases of 1080 poisoning that present to hospitals are misdiagnosed.

The following registrar summarises significant events connected to aerial poisoning for pest control in NZ: 110. Total numbers of native bird/aquatic life: unquantifiable data. Total numbers of dogs: ???. (See event 44, below, this could be as high as 6816 per year which equals 429,408 over 63 years of aerial poisoning operations).

The full registrar of 1080 poisoning incidents can be viewed by clicking this link
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