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New Zealand is known for its pure water, mountainous peaks and majestic scenery. Millions of tourists visit every year. They tramp the Great Walks and drink from the mountain streams - a land of milk and honey, 100% Pure! ...
Much of the spring water begins its journey in the wilderness areas - the mountains and the forests. This water makes its way into lakes, flows and filters into aquifers, erupts from the springs, and what isn't extracted is eventually salinated when it meets the ocean. In Māori culture, "many tribes directly or indirectly consider water as the source or foundation of all life."
There is growing concern across New Zealand about the massive use of Compound 1080 poison. Government agencies currently spread 1080 poison bait aerially, across the forests and directly into the waterways - enough poison to kill over 60 million people every year. The poison kills 1000's of deer, and 100's of 1000's of other animals, birds and insects, every year. (Explore menu for references)
In this video clip of the 2017 aerial poison drop across Mt Aspiring National Park, hundreds of tourists were unaware   the 1080 poison bait being aerially spread over them was also spread directly into the streams from which they were drinking. 
The US manufacturer says the USA uses less than 4 tablespoons of 1080 poison  each year (and nowhere near waterways). By contrast, and quoting the US producer - New Zealand spreads over 4 tons of pure 1080 poison - which equates to over 2 million kilograms of cereal poison bait - across its forests and directly into its waterways every year. 
More concerning though, is that the Government has committed  to increasing its use of aerially applied 1080 poison through the Predator Free NZ - 2050  plan. However, in an experimental predator-free project called Pukaha - Mt Bruce - which is just 940 hectares in size - large numbers of kiwi are continuing to die, and despite three consecutive aerial 1080 poison drops in the last three years undertaken to "save" them. By comparison, New Zealand is 27 million hectares in size. If it is so difficult to manage 940 hectares, how can 27 million hectares be effectively eradicated of targeted species? 
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